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 Prot/fury member to a raider

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PostSubject: Prot/fury member to a raider   Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:53 pm

--------- Character Info ----------
Character name: Combatcow
Race: Tauren
Class: Warrior
Armoury Link

---------- Playing Info ----------
How many times a week do you play: 6+depends on football training ect

How long do you generally play for on average per day:5-6

How long have you played World of Warcraft for: 2 years

What is your played timed for your character:87 days 21hours and 30 minutes and 50 seconds Laughing

---------- General Info ----------
How old are you: 15

How did you hear about Heretic: My dad is in the guild, and i see alot around dalaran.

Is there anyone in Heretic that can vouch for you: Yes.

List ALL guilds on this server you have been in and why you left, as well as if your current guild knows you’re leaving or not: So Seductive, it was split up because of raid attendance.
My latest i left Coup De Grace because it was a IRL friend PvP guild.

Have you read and agreed to the rules that apply to you as either a raider or a casual member? If so, summarise them up for us: Yes, loot rules Alt rules, exspectations, and harrasment.

Do you plan on raiding (effort, attendance, stats requirements, etc) or being a casual member (part of big family but not a raider)? Keep in mind that if you change idea and want to be a raider you will have to apply again as a raider and your skills will be tested before accepting you: Yes i plan on raiding, 100% 100% attendance,

Tell us something about yourself as a person, the more the merrier: Im a football sensation for under 15's aussie rules, and a yr 9 student. thats about it. and i go for the CATS!!!

---------- Raiding Info ----------
If you wish to be a raider with Heretic, please continue.
eretic has three different time-zones in which we raid in which progress at different rates. We expect you to choose one time-zone and stick with that raid group unless it’s absolutely crucial you switch. All times stated are in compliance with the server times. Which time-zone suits you the best and why?
6:30AM (Euro’s)
12:15PM (U.S.)
8:30PM (Oceania) Oceania because it fits in with my life i guess.

We want all raiders to have duel specialization and be knowledgeable on both the specializations you use. You will be required to pick a specialization as your main specialization and the other will be known as your “Off spec”.
The guild may have too many of one of your chosen specializations and may require you to change for the good of the guild. Would you comply: Yes i would. Smile

What will you choose as your main specialization and why: Protection, because i like tanking , and im good at it.

will you choose as your off specialization and why: I'd choose fury as my offspec because i do more dps with it then arms, and its alot more fun.


Heretic uses Ventrilo for voice communication during raids. Ventrilo is crucial as a raider. Do you currently have Ventrilo installed with a working microphone, as well as knowing some basic options such as turning the inbound of a person up/down: Yes i do.

Please indicate your current level of end-game experience you have done with the character you’re applying to the guild with:
4/5 ToC
10/25 naxx cleared
25toc 4/5
10uld 13/14
25uld 7/14
What glyphs do you use and why did you choose those ones out of the many others:
Major Glyphs
Glyph of Blocking for extra block rating on proc.
Glyph of Revenge for a free heroic strike.
Glyph of Devastate for less stacks.

Minor Glyphs
Glyph of Thunderclap for extra radius on TC.
Glyph of Bloodrage incase i need rage during a fight, i dont have to sacrafice hp.
Glyph of Commanding Shout, so i dont have to use it as often.

Please provide a recent Wow Web Stat link: It won't let me link it

Please provide a screenshot of your user-interface in an raid environment: I use the standard WoW interface.

What resources do you use tor research boss fights: I use Tankspot to research fights,

How well do you think you know your class’s mechanics? Also, tell us something that you think is special to your class and why it’s special: I know my warrior class very well, i think my class is special at tanking, single target and multiple targets because of the various range of AoE abilties.

What do you think it means to be in a casual guild, for yourself and other members of the guild: To be in a Casual raiding guild means to be raiding for fun, not absoloutly full on hardcore raiding.

Tell us one of your favourite jokes and/or draw us a picture with Paint:
example: What do you call a gay Dinosaur? Megasauras. lol!

Possibly one of the most important questions, what is your favourite flavour Jellybean and why!?
eww jellybeans! Sad
Thanks for applying for Heretic and we’ll get back to you within forty-eight hours. Good luck!

**Failure to fully fill out application may result in denial**

Thank you for your interest in our Family. Your App will be posted here after the Officers have voted on it.

Green= Welcome to the fold
Red = Denied, have fun and thanks for applying
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PostSubject: Re: Prot/fury member to a raider   Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:23 pm

Who's your Dad in the guild......ie toon name?
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PostSubject: Re: Prot/fury member to a raider   Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:32 pm

Thezoo, im already in the guild i want to be a raider thought, sayyadina said i have to put in a app.
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PostSubject: Re: Prot/fury member to a raider   

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Prot/fury member to a raider
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