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Heretic Application Form

Welcome to Heretic Application Form!

Before applying to the guild, please consider these points:
1. We expect you to have read and agreed to our Rules of Engagement and Harassment Policy.
2. Take your time to write the application. This means to really put in effort into your answers as well as writing it in a readable manner.
3. Remember to log off in your PvE gear as we will be checking your armoury.
4. Failure to fully fill out the application will result in an automatic denial.

Steps to use this application:

1) Fill this form and press the Generate Application button.
2) Copy the application text generated inside the big white box.
3) Create a new topic here using your character's name and spec as the title (you need to register to the forum).

We will get back to you no later than 48 hours.

Character Info

Character name:
Armory Link:

General Info

How old are you:
How did you hear about Heretic:
Is there anyone in Heretic that can vouch for you?
If yes, who?
List ALL guilds on this server you have been in and why you
left, as well as if your current guild knows if you’re leaving or
Have you read and agreed to the rules that apply to you as a
raider and social member? If so, summarise them up for us:
Tell us something about yourself as a person, the more the

Raiding Info

We want all raiders to have duel specialisation and be knowledgeable on both the specialisations you use.
You will be required to pick a specialisation as your main specialisation and the other will be known as your “Off spec”.
The guild may have too many of one of your chosen specialisations and may require you to change for the good of the guild.
What will be your main spec :
What will be your off spec:
Heretic uses Ventrilo for voice communication during raids. Ventrilo is crucial as a raider.
We expect you to currently have Ventrilo installed with a working microphone,
as well as knowing some basic options such as turning the inbound of a person up/down.
Do you have Ventrilo installed with a working microphone as well as able to use basic options?
Please indicate your current level of end-game experience you have done with the character you’re applying to the guild with.
End-game experience
What are the reasons for choosing your current glyphs:
Do you enjoy standing in fire or other such 'fun' activities:
What addons do you use while raiding:
What resources do you use to research boss fights:
What is your standard rotation in a fight as your main spec:
What do you think it means to be in a casual raiding guild, for yourself and other members of the guild:

Last Step

Application Text: