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 Toothball - Ret/Prot

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PostSubject: Toothball - Ret/Prot   Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:46 am

--------- Character Info ----------
Character name: Toothball
Race: Bloodelf
Class: Palladin
Armoury Link: Toothball

---------- Playing Info ----------
How many times a week do you play: Pretty much every day

How long do you generally play for on average per day: several hours

How long have you played World of Warcraft for: Played when game first came out for a year, quit, came into BC.

What is your played timed for your character: 40 days, 21 hours

---------- General Info ----------
How old are you: 24

How did you hear about Heretic: Lakinorah

Is there anyone in Heretic that can vouch for you: Lakinorah

List ALL guilds on this server you have been in and why you left, as well as if your current guild knows you’re leaving or not:

Behold - Limited to 10 mans, and were not planning on going further, so a lot of us left.
Legion of Fallen Angels - Joined after behold, along with several from Behold, didn't like guild that much, especially with new DKP system and suspect loot handling.
The Ungrateful - guild started by a few of us who were tired of Legion, many from Behold, but timing (many were away due to Spring Break) was bad and we haven't raided much.

Have you read and agreed to the rules that apply to you as either a raider or a casual member? If so, summarise them up for us:

Dont be an asshole. Mains get first prioriy. Older members get first loot priority. Be on time. Know your toon, know your role. Spread the loot.

Do you plan on raiding (effort, attendance, stats requirements, etc) or being a casual member (part of big family but not a raider)? Keep in mind that if you change idea and want to be a raider you will have to apply again as a raider and your skills will be tested before accepting you: Raiding

Tell us something about yourself as a person, the more the merrier:

Study Abroad student from US. Origionally from California, going to school in Chicago, and doing Study Abroad in Australia. In 6 weeks, will be back in California, and a month or so after that back in Chicago. Major in IS. Avid Baseball Fan (Go A's!).

---------- Raiding Info ----------
If you wish to be a raider with Heretic, please continue.

Heretic has three different time-zones in which we raid in which progress at different rates. We expect you to choose one time-zone and stick with that raid group unless it’s absolutely crucial you switch. All times stated are in compliance with the server times. Which time-zone suits you the best and why?
6:30AM (Euro’s)
12:15PM (U.S.)
8:30PM (Oceania)

I would like to be in the Oceanic raid first (because I have class during that time most days) till the end of November, when I will be returning to the United States.

We want all raiders to have duel specialization and be knowledgeable on both the specializations you use. You will be required to pick a specialization as your main specialization and the other will be known as your “Off spec”.
The guild may have too many of one of your chosen specializations and may require you to change for the good of the guild. Would you comply:
What will you choose as your main specialization and why: Retribution/DPS, because I prefer DPSing and it is my best geared spec.

What will you choose as your off specialization and why: Protection/Tank. I origionally chose healing, but quickly found that I was horrible at it. So I switched to tank off spec, and found that I can manage it. Because Ret is my main, my Tank spec is not as geared as it is, but still has quite a few (probably 10 or so) 226 items.


Heretic uses Ventrilo for voice communication during raids. Ventrilo is crucial as a raider. Do you currently have Ventrilo installed with a working microphone, as well as knowing some basic options such as turning the inbound of a person up/down: Yes.

Please indicate your current level of end-game experience you have done with the character you’re applying to the guild with: Up to Mimiron on Ulduar, cleared 10 ToC, up to Twin Angels on 25 ToC. 10 ToC cleared both as Tank and DPS, 25 to Twins as Tank.

What glyphs do you use and why did you choose those ones out of the many others:
Ret: Glyph of Judgment, Hammer of Wrath, Avenging Wrath
Prot: Divine Plea, Shield of Righteousness, Hammer of Righteous

Please provide a recent Wow Web Stat link:

Please provide a screenshot of your user-interface in an raid environment:
My UI is standard, with Recount, DBM, Pally Power, Omen, Atlas Loot and healbot extended (though since I am not in heal spec, that is generally disabled.). Ratings Buster as well, to make sure I can get upgrades from gear.

What resources do you use tor research boss fights: Wowwiki, Youtube

How well do you think you know your class’s mechanics? Also, tell us something that you think is special to your class and why it’s special:

As a DPS, it is my job to give give a burst of damage (usually from Avenging Wrath) then keep dealing on the target until it is dead. I wont be able to interrupt much outside of Hammer of Justince and Arcane Torrent, but I will be able to deal enough damage to kill things as well as any melee can. As a Plate Melee I can survive better than Rogues and range, for example, against snobolds. Truth be told, as a Melee, it is my job to do as much dps as I can and sustain it.

As Prot, for mobs just grab a much as you can and hold it. Mitigation is not as important becase of inherent abilities that buff it up, but it is good to keep up. Because of Pally's natrual AoE tank nature and high threat, they are great for holding a multi-target group compared to a single target tank such as Warrior or Druid may, and better mitigation via a shield than a DK. I try to play my Tank spec as a DPS that grabs as much Agro as I can, because I find that if I rest on my laurals, I get lazy and if I pretend to DPS, I stay in it and hold aggro better, as well as my own attention.

What do you think it means to be in a casual guild, for yourself and other members of the guild:

I interperate it to mean that the guild is not rigid on always being there for every single raid, and being so geared that there is no point in doing the raids to begin with. That life can interrupt WoW and that if, for example, you have to study for a final rather than play, its ok if you go for the final. That you are trying to be with a group of friends rather than a group of fellow employees of a raiding company. I see it for myself as being able to have fun raidng end game content, with the same group of people, and getting gear myself instead of pugging everything (though that ends up being with the same groups of people it seems as well). It means that we work towards gearing everyone who needs it, rather than everyone wanting it just for themselves (because I gain 1 AP if I equip that!).

Tell us one of your favourite jokes and/or draw us a picture with Paint:

A man walks into a bar, goes up to the bar and get a drink. He looks over, and there is a jar half filled with money. He asks the bartender for a drink and inquires about the jar. The Bartender says "Well, my horse out back is really depressed. So if you put $1 in to the jar, go around back and cheer him up, you can have all the money in the jar." The man says ok, puts a dollar into the jar, downs his drink and goes around back. Five minutes later there is a loud laughing sound. The horse is laughing and laughing. The man comes back, takes the jar and walks out.

A week later, the man comes back to the bar and the now there is an even bigger jar there, and it is full to the brim with money. He walks to the bartender and asks "Whats the jar for this time?" The Bartender replies "Well, ever since you left, my horse wont shut up! It keeps laughing. So if you put $5 into the jar, and can make him stop laughing, you can have all the money in that jar." The man says alright and goes around back. Five minutes later, there is a loud sobbing sound. The horse s just crying his eyes out. The man walks back, picks up the jar, and leaves.

The Bartender stops the man and asks "I gotta know, how did you make him start laughing in the first place?"

The man replies "well, I told him my penis was bigger than his."

"And how did you make him stop?"

"I showed him."

Possibly one of the most important questions, what is your favourite flavour Jellybean and why!?

I dont like Jelly Beans. They remind me of those jars with the "whole guess how many Jellybeans are in it" prize stuff. That requires math, and math makes my thinker box hurt.

Thanks for applying for Heretic and we’ll get back to you within forty-eight hours. Good luck!

**Failure to fully fill out application may result in denial**

Thank you for your interest in our Family. Your App will be posted here after the Officers have voted on it.

Green= Welcome to the fold
Red = Denied, have fun and thanks for applying
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PostSubject: Re: Toothball - Ret/Prot   Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:10 am

Hey mate,

Just one thing I noticed, you said in your application that you left Behold cause limited to 10 man runs.. hope you are aware that and this is to the best of my knowledge, Heretic runs 10man

Points for all epic gems Smile
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Dark Council

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PostSubject: Re: Toothball - Ret/Prot   Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:59 am

Thanks for the application bud, I'm sure one of our RL's or resident pally face-rollers will be by soon to ask you questions, meanwhile I'll post your application for discussion.
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PostSubject: Re: Toothball - Ret/Prot   Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:32 pm

Valk speaks the truth. Heretic currently only run 10 mans.
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PostSubject: Re: Toothball - Ret/Prot   Sat Oct 10, 2009 6:09 am

Toothball is a good ret pala from my experience with him... Puts out dps around what i do, tanking wise, i honestly cant say, havent really seen him tank alot... but i think would be a good addition to guild! Also, he knows we are 10m content only... told him on several occasions leading to his application. Smile
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PostSubject: reply: valkur   Sat Oct 10, 2009 8:17 am

In his app tooth also said the 10 mans were limited valk Razz
we are not limited
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PostSubject: Re: Toothball - Ret/Prot   Sat Oct 10, 2009 8:29 am

I just mean, there are only so many times you can run 10 Naxx and half of Ulduar, especially with like 5 wipes on each boss (even Naxx...)
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Guild Master

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PostSubject: Re: Toothball - Ret/Prot   Sat Oct 10, 2009 2:35 pm

Yeah, that's the only major thing I've seen with your app. If you're cool with ten man progression (all of TOC/ULD and working on hard modes) and pugging 25s, then all's good, but if that's not enough, we may not be the guild for you, sir.

However, my husband, the other officers, or I would like to catch you on vent. Whisper Mentat/Lowflyer/Sayyadina/Iridia or ask for any officer so we can meet and greet.
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PostSubject: Re: Toothball - Ret/Prot   

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Toothball - Ret/Prot
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