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 Illuminia Hunter Application

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PostSubject: Illuminia Hunter Application   Sat Jul 10, 2010 12:06 pm

Character Info

Character name: Illuminia
Race: bloodelf
Class: hunter
Armory Link: wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Nagrand&n=Illuminia

General Info

Age: 22
How did you hear about Heretic: forum
Voucher: No
Guild History: Entropy/Financial Crisis - I was originally a member of Entropy before they merged with Financial Crisis in order to do 25man runs of ICC. The merge was a little messy in that we weren't told everything we should have been so my partner and I left. Prior to Entropy I was part of the alliance and ran my own guild with a few friends of mine. It was a great little guild but we became burnt out after a while and took a break. When I came back I joined the Horde and never looked back Smile
Rules Agreements: Yes I have read and do agree with your rules that would apply to me as a member. As I understand them I am required to be over 18, be at least level 80, be friendly and get to know my fellow guild mates, show up to raids on time if I have signed up to them, listen to those in charge in and outside of raiding, be respectful of others, be knowledgable and up to date on information concerning raid strategies and my class/role and to be active on vent and the website.
About you: At the moment i'm a student at university studying Ancient History/Aboriginal studies. After this is completed (hopefully soon) I will study teaching. I have a great interest in history. Outside of Uni I enjoy gaming of all sorts, reading, researching, the gym, movies and what not. My partner also plays WoW, he has a multitude of characters. He is currently levelling up a hunter. I enjoy playing WoW and hve missed raiding with a close knit and friendly guild.

Raid Info

Raid Time-Zone: au
Main specialization: Marksmanship
Off specialization: Survival
Do you Vent?: yes
End-game experience: I have completed 10man ICC up to the Lich King. I have experience with this fight but have never downed him as yet.
Glyphs: my major glyphs are: Glyph of Steady Shot - I choose this because my target is always afflicted with serpent sting and steady shot is used as a 'filler' in the MM rotation so it is used quite often. Glyph of Kill Shot - I choose this one instead of a couple of others because I found I can get a couple more kill shots out before the target dies #in a raid situation# which ups your dps by a fair bit. Glyph of Chimera Shot - I actually replaced glyph of serpent sting I think it was with this one as I worked out that reducing the cooldown of chimera shot was a lot more beneficial to my rotation than an increase in the amount of time that serpent sting stayed up for as chimera shot refreshes your serpent sting DoT.
Do you stand in fire?: Heehee no.
Mods/addons do you use in raids: For raiding I use: Omen Deadly Boss Mods Hud Map Recount
Research boss fights: These are the main ones I use.
Fight Rotations: Hunter's Mark - Rapid Fire - Kill Command - Serpent Sting - Aimed Shot - Chimera Shot- Arcance shot - Steady shot until aimed shot cooldown is off then rinse and repeat.
What it means to be in a casual guild: I think it means more of a friendly and close knit atmosphere than being in a hardcore raiding guild. It means being able to raid seriously but If you can't make it to one night sometime it isn't the end of the world. To me it means having fun while raiding - being relaxed while doing so but still getting the job done and taking the raid seriously.
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PostSubject: Re: Illuminia Hunter Application   Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:24 pm

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Illuminia Hunter Application
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