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 Character Application: Heal / Tank

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PostSubject: Character Application: Heal / Tank   Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:25 am

Before I paste, I want to let those know reading this ahead of time, I was told to do it like this because, the application continue button was not functional at the time of my entry.

*Character name: Blasphémous
*Race: Blood Elf
*Class: Paladin
*Armory Link: (They have yet to make the update and name change from Blasphemey to Blasphémous I assure you though that is me)

*How old are you: 24

How did you hear about Heretic: I happened to see Aesten say his guild raided at 7am so I asked for my infortmation

Is there anyone in Heretic that can vouch for you? If yes, who?
There is no one in your guild to my knowledge that has seen me heal or tank through a raid. Deadpie inspected my gear prior to me filling out this application.

List ALL guilds on this server you have been in and why you left, as well as if your current guild knows you’re leaving or not:

Have you read and agreed to the rules that apply to you as a raider and social member? If so, summarise them up for us:
Yes I agree. All you're asking for is to make sure everything is as it should be for the application and armory inspection.

Tell us something about yourself as a person, the more the merrier:
I hate this question because I never know what to say. I'm generally a laid back guy. I don't mind wiping as long as something is learned from it and we don't repeat the same mistakes over and over. I love to joke around but I know when to be serious and concentrate. I've done most content up to ICC10 including the following (Naxx10,VoA10/25,Ony10/25,ToC10/25) Looking to start ICC. My current GS in my Heal Set is 4919 and my current in prot is 4613.

Heretic has three different time-zones in which we raid and progress at different rates. We expect you to choose one time-zone and stick with that raid group unless it’s absolutely crucial you switch. All times stated are in compliance with the server times. Which time-zone suits you the best?

*Raid Time-Zone 6:30AM (Euro’s) (That should translate roughly into about 2-3pm my time in the US because I currently live in Florida on the east coast)

We want all raiders to have duel specialization and be knowledgeable on both the specializations you use. You will be required to pick a specialization as your main specialization and the other will be known as your “Off spec”. The guild may have too many of one of your chosen specializations and may require you to change for the good of the guild.

*Choose main specialization: Holy (Gs 4919)
*Choose off specialization: Protection (GS 4613)

Heretic uses Ventrilo for voice communication during raids. Ventrilo is crucial as a raider. We expect you to currently have Ventrilo installed with a working microphone, as well as knowing some basic options such as turning the inbound of a person up/down.

*Do you use Vent? Yes, always

Please indicate your current level of end-game experience you have done with the character you’re applying to the guild with.
*End-game experience
(Naxx10,VoA10/25,Ony10/25,ToC10/25) With achievements for all of those.

*What glyphs do you use and why did you choose those ones out of the many others:
Holy I use Seal of Wisdom(For the reduced mana cost) Flash of Light (For the increase crit rate) Holy Light (For the AoE heal effect granted the AoE is only 1k to 3k but evey bit helps the party and takes some strain off everyone) Minor Glyphs: Glyph of the wise(Reduced mana cost when activating seal of wisdom) Blessing of wisdom(Increased time on a Ghetto wisdom which means I can kings the pallies but still have wisdom on me if need be) and finally Lay on Hands (For the 5min reduced CD of a full heal)

Do you enjoy standing in fire or other raid screwing activities?:
No not at all I don't much like to die unless I have to and will try to help in any way possible

*List which mods/addons do you use in raids:
I use Pally Power, Recount and Xpearl unit frames to keep an eye on everyone not just my assigned target

*What resources do you use to research boss fights:
Tankspot.com and sometimes WoWwiki.com if Tank doesn't have a video for what I'm looking for.

*What is your standard rotation in a fight?:
Flash of light to keep someone topped for health and if they hit about mid way for any reason I'll throw up a Holy light to go back to full. Before the fight since I'm usually a tank healer I beacon the other tank and sacred shield my tank or heal assign.

What do you think it means to be in a guild, for yourself and other members of the guild:
A guild to me is much like a family simply in the ways of everyone growing and learning together for the good of each other. I would hope that others would feel the same.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Application: Heal / Tank   Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:35 am

Thanks Blasph for the effort on applying Very Happy

We'll let you know as soon as all the officers had a look at u'r app. Usually require max 48 hours.
Felle free to contact me in game (or deadpie or another euro offcier if u have further question).


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PostSubject: Re: Character Application: Heal / Tank   Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:43 pm

Welcome aboard!

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PostSubject: Re: Character Application: Heal / Tank   

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Character Application: Heal / Tank
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